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Let me rephrase that then, the value he provides on the field should far outweigh any negative thing he provides in the locker-room. Clearly that's speculation but he's no Milton Bradley. And even Bradley had that amazing year with Texas where all his problems were suddenly magically forgotten. Perform and few people care what you do elsewhere.

Given his abilities and that bargain of a contract, I'd take Escobar as a starting SS any day. Especially for a cash-strapped team like the Rays. Even coming off an obvious "down year" with the bat. I don't care if he hates gays, is gay, whatever... he just needs to be smarter and realize to keep any prejudices he may have to himself. That's why I consider him a dumbass. But a skilled one.

I fully believe that if Escobar and the Jays weren't struggling, the eye-black story would not have blown up the way it did. The media here were hungry for something to pounce on with the Jays and unfortunately Escobar gave it to them.

Maybe it's just me but I'll take a gay-hating Escobar, fan-beating Bradley and drunk-driving Miguel Cabrera on my team any day as long as they are a good value for what they do on the field.
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