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Default OKC is unfairly stacked

I know the thread title is an obvious statement but I was just thinking about this...
You have the big name, obvious guys like Durant, Westbrook, Martin, and Ibaka. Collison is one of the most underrated PF/Cs in the game. Eric Maynor will be one of the best backup PGs in the league once he's completely healthy. Thabeet has a mess of athleticism and untapped talent, and his time with the Thunder has shown he can be a more than capable player. He still fouls too much but he's done a great job as a backup C all things considered.

And then there's the new guys...Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones III, and Reggie Jackson. How many teams would like to have just ONE of those guys, much less all three of them? And on their active roster. OKC is so stacked they've sent these guys to the D-league to develop them into better players.

And THEN there's the draft picks! OKC has a top 3 protected pick from Toronto, a top 20 protected pick from Dallas, and its own 1st round pick, plus 2 more second round picks.

Like, holy shit. This all just dawned on me today. They have the assets to trade for damn near any player they want not named Lebron James.
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