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Default Re: I feel sorry for Jeremy Lamb

Individual bases.

For every Darko(top lottery) who was in a bad development situation, there's also players like these who barely played in their rookie season, sometimes sophomore too.

McHale - 20 mins rookie season
Reggie Miller - 22 mins rookie season
Kobe - 15 mins rookie season, 26 sophomore
Dirk - 20 mins rookie season, 36 sophomore
Nash - 10 mins rookie season, 22 sophomore
Rondo - 23 mins rookie season
Harden - 23 mins rookie season

By the way, Lamb is a 12th overall pick. He's not even a Top 5 prospect. He's not going to get the green light right out the gate, especially when you have Durant, Westbrook and Martin as the top 3 scorers on your team.
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