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Default Re: can the raps cash in on their assets?

ive got a rebuild suggestion and wan some feedback especially from a cap perspective.

assuming the rumors are true and we can get gasol out from LA i package Bargs with anyone and everyone not named Lowry, JV, Davis, Calderon, and DD. we give around 20 mil and get back 20 mil(gasol)

amnesty gasol immediately, dont send a car to the airport dont pass go dont collect $200. we are in full rebuil mode and its time to pay up formyears of mistakes and the price tag is 20 mil amnesty bill

if i can get back a bigger expirer and picks for jose i do it if notni let him finish out the year and his 10mil come off the books

if possible i get more aggressive and look to move amir johnson.

looks like we can have potentially around 30mil in cap space this summer and i put a full court press on TOP TIER free agents aka josh smith, david west, al jefferson, millsap, andre iguadola. i consider trading DD in a package for rudy gay over the summer depending on draft and other factors.

bottom line is we would have major flexibility and in basketball one player can make a huge difference. we might get lucky in the draft too but that would be a bonus to this plan and secondary from cap space considerations.

thoughts? pros cons?
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