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Default Re: why I hate laker fans

Originally Posted by ChrisPosh
Ok so I was at Walmart today with my girl buying some Christmas canes for the fam (not the classiest place in the world, but whateva). Now I'm a bit of a Kobe fan and I was pretty down about the recent loss of the lakers to Oklahoma city, so when I walked by this fat white guy and his skinny ginger son wearing a Dwight Howard jersey I immediately lit up. BECAUSE I WAS WEARING A D12 JERSEY TOO! (u know how excited u get when u see someone wear the same shirt as you right?)

Anyway I look up at the kid, see that there's a trash can behind him and shout out "OFFENSIVE BOARD HOWARD!!!" and start pretending I'm posting up on his midget ass like I'm Superman in the paint on Nate robinson.... fkn kid starts bawling his eyes out while the dad looks at me like I'm a bloody creep. All I'm hearing is him screaming calling me a pervert and a pedophile for 'rubbing yer black ass on my 8 yr old son". Now errbody in the store is looking at me... my girl bails and walks outta the store. And I spent the next 30 minutes arguing with store security.

srsly if only that kid and his dad had eever actually watched a basketball game they would've understood. But they didn't cause they're stupid bandwagoners. FML. fukk laker fans..... now my fkn girl won't pick up my calls.....
If that's true (big if) then yea that's creep as hell. Stay the **** away from other peoples kids perv...
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