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Default Re: I hope Shaq sees what KG and Duncan are doing right now...

Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
Uh... he's only 4 years older than both of them. It's not like he's 50. If he wasn't so fat and lazy he could still probably be in the league and averaging at least 15/10.

Do you have to be such a giant douche in every post I make?
4 years is a lot. And he might not be 50, but he is 40. How many players have played past 40? Kareem, Malone, Stockton, Jordan, Kevin Willis, that's it.

You do know no one from the 1992 draft is still playing, no one from the 93 draft either. Hill and Kidd are the on;y players left from the 94 draft. Stackhouse, Wallace, Garnett and Thomas left from the 95 draft.
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