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Default Re: Stars Waiting to Happen TEAM

Originally Posted by andremiller07
Your kidding right? Hes barley been better than Jimmer and while he was starting was averaging less assists than our centre. Hes last 2-3 games off the bench have been good I will give him that but Brooks has been better than Isaiah this season. Right now Isaiah has sufferd through the worest strech of his career and I hope he can recapture his form.

Everyone else on your list I agree with and I would also add Jeff Teauge to that list if his mins ever go up.

Wasn't that because even though he was technically "starting at PG" the ball was in Reke's hands most of the time? so they had a PG playing most of his minutes off the ball.

Last year as a starter he averaged 15/5/3 on 48%FG and 40% from three

Everytime I see him he looks to have loads of potential. But it's true no one accuses Sacto of using their players properly.
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