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Default Re: Stars Waiting to Happen TEAM

Originally Posted by Skywalker
Wasn't that because even though he was technically "starting at PG" the ball was in Reke's hands most of the time? so they had a PG playing most of his minutes off the ball.

Nah when Isaiah was starting thats when Tyreke struggled cause he didn't have the ball in his hands as the primary PG when Brooks replaced Thomas thats when Tyreke became the primary ball handler

Everytime I see him he looks to have loads of potential. But it's true no one accuses Sacto of using their players properly.
100% agree althought I still love having him come of the bench cause the dude always brings in POSITIVE energy and speed but like I said I really hope he can return to the Isaiah of last year but its doubtful with Evans (if the knee injury stops) return to form he will dominate the ball.

SF- ?? fill in ??
Maybe Harrison Barnes?

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