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Default Re: OKC is unfairly stacked

Originally Posted by rmt
How about Martin? They won't be able to keep him next year, will they? Will they have enough scoring with just mostly KD and RW and how's that going to affect them winning a title next year?
KMart is making $12M this year, which is the last of his current contract. I don't believe he's going to be able to make that much on the open market, so if I were him I'd take less to stay with OKC. I'd say there's a good chance that he stays.

OKC is #1 in scoring at 106.2ppg. Scoring won't be a problem. Aside from KD and RW, you have Ibaka at 14.5ppg. If KMart doesn't stay, you have Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones who'll be asked to step up to fill his 15ppg.

My view, OKC will remain in championship contention for years to come. They aren't "unfairly stacked", but with Presti they'll always be in the mix for a title.

If only they could have upgraded at coach....
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