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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

Well, the Raptors are officially past the quarter mark of the season, and have lost 81% of their games.

A little more spacing and a little more focus, and they'll be right where they want to be.

While the past couple seasons it has been a personal preference of mine to have the team let go Colangelo, trade Bargnani and Calderon and basically rebuild, I see it more as a necessity now.

Colangelo continues to try and pick up spare parts here and there to piece together a team that can contend for a playoff spot. Some people argue that we need to get into the playoff mix to be able to attract free agents, but if we're spending the kind of money we spent on Landry Fields just to get into the playoffs, how exactly will we have cap space to improve if we actually got an 8 seed?

His constant coddling of Bargnani makes me dislike Bargnani more than I should. I'm not a fan of Bargnani's game at all, but I don't doubt that in the right system he can be an effective player. Very little of the dislike I have for him is his own fault. It's almost entirely a result of Colangelo's insistence of having him be our premier player.

As for Calderon, he's another player he could be very effective in the right system. Hell, he's pretty effective in our system. He just needs to go so we can pick up some future assets, because he surely won't be re-signed next season, and we've let too many of our impending free agents walk out the door while getting nothing in return.

This team is an absolute mess going forward. The only players worthy of keeping are Valanciunas (for his size and potential) and Lowry (near elite-level PG). It won't be an issue keeping Valanciunas around for the next 5-7 years because of rookie scale contracts and re-signing rules/perks, etc., but if things don't turn around quickly (and they won't) what incentive does Lowry have to stay here? The Raptors better hope that he's greedy and will stay when they offer him a massive contract.

DeRozan, I couldn't care less really. He's not a guy you need to have around, but he's not doing the team much harm either.

Ed Davis is a player I was against drafting, supported trading, and predicted to officially bust this year. Right now? He's probably the guy on the team I'd most want to keep after Lowry and Valanciunas. He brings hustle, heart, defense, intensity and hits the boards hard. It's ridiculous that he doesn't get any playing time.

The only other two players worth mentioning are Amir Johnson and Terrance Ross, and much like DeRozan, I wouldn't be opposed to keeping either around, but they aren't guys that you shouldn't consider moving.

Just a random rant about things I've been thinking about. Hopefully it wasn't too long or incoherent.
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