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Default Re: **breaking News - Roger Clemens Is A Yankee**

This changes the whole outlook for the Yankees in my opinion.

They go from having weak pitching to arguably one of the best five rotations in all of baseball.


Obviously if you can throw someone like Hughes out there for the fifth starter it's a great situation. Muss & Petite bring realiability to the middle...just a veteran and proven front four with a splash of youth in the five slot.

They make the playoffs it's obviously one of the toughest four man rotations any team can offer.

I believe at the deadline they shore up thier bull pen. It's the middle relief they lack in. I believe Proctor & Farnsworth is a great start... and Myers is tough on lefties.

Should be interesting. You can always count on the Yankees to make a bold move. One that shakes it up a bit.
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