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Jared Sullinger, Celtics -- Nov. 18: The Pistons blew out the Celtics, but Sullinger can learn a lot from his 16-point outing. He started out firing, and missing, from 18 feet. Later, as he slashed and flowed more to the paint, he started getting buckets inside and established a good rhythm. So when he took a 15-footer and an 18-footer at the end of the game, it was not surprising that he made both.

He has the body and the craft to get inside buckets. Now he has to have the mindset to do so nightly.

John Henson, Bucks -- Nov. 18: Henson is still recovering from a knee injury and thus is not able to play as athletically as he did in the past. On Sunday, he ran the floor fine but didn't bang for space and angles inside nearly as much as he could have. He also settled for a jumper and, unfortunately, a 3-pointer with 12 seconds on the shot clock. Perhaps he'll be a good shooter one day, but that day is not today, so knowing his role and his limitations is a wise move to earn more minutes.

Evan Fournier, Nuggets -- Nov. 17: Fournier does not play much at all thanks to Denver's deep bench of perimeter players. But he came in against the Spurs on Saturday and looked comfortable -- he hunted good shots and took them when he should have.

He has a smooth and compact shooting stroke and a feel for how to find open creases. Of course, that part of the game isn't hard when no defender is worried about him getting open. But being aggressive when you get your chances is a good place to start for a young player.
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