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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

Originally Posted by RaininThrees
Haha, as am I. I've held off on getting any gear though. Last two jerseys I got were Hill in 2010 and Romero last year. Blame me if you want.

Back on topic, I'd be very interested to see what Raps ratings are like these days. I don't doubt you're the only one losing interest.

A follow-up. Last #s I can find, from early November:

TOR-BRK, Nov 3 SN: 185, 000
TOR-OKC, Nov 6, TSN: 91, 000

I can only imagine they've declined from those atrocious #s.

For comparison, that same week:

HAM-TOR, Nov 1, TSN: 769, 000
CGY-EDM, Nov 2, TSN: 725, 000
MTL-WPG, Nov 2, TSN: 642, 000
SSK-BC, Nov 3, TSN: 828, 000

KC-SD, Nov 1, SN: 213, 000
DAL-ATL, Nov 4, TSN: 577, 000
PHI-NO, Nov 5, TSN: 580, 000

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