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Default Re: How is Andre Drummond doing?

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
I think he has to be starting post all-star game. Not only is going to help his development, but let's realize that some have been worried about throwing him in and messing with his confidence...likewise, at some point, Monroe needs his confidence and he'd get more of it at the PF position. His defense would improve by leaps and bounds and the Pistons would be gettin some rebounds.
I really do believe the endgame here is Drummond will end up starting. But I think Detroit can only let him earn that starting spot once, so they're going to make sure it's worth it, if that makes sense. Once he's a starter, they probably want to make sure he'll be there to stay.

I remember Darko Milicic very well. It was clear and apparent he had serious confidence issues. I don't know what he was like in Europe, but he seemed broken the minute he found himself playing behind Wallace (eventually the other Wallace), Okur, and Campbell. Andre Drummond does not have a hint of Darko in him in that regard. I'll stop from saying he's overconfident, but he definitely feels good about what he can do, so I don't think his not starting will ever make him lose his self-worth in that regard.

Plus, as mentioned, it's not as if he's stapled to the bench right now. He's seeing 21 minutes a night over the last ten (to his starting counterpart Maxiell's 27). He knows he's moving onward and upward as he continues to learn the NBA game. I don't think starting or not starting by the all star break will change that.
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