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Default Re: Bucks @ Nets 6pm EST

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
worst game ive ever seen from the nets. i dont know if i should be mad at the performance or brooken foot lopez who goes out for 3 weeks due to a sprained ankle. this guy is a ****ing piece of shit fragile paper who tweaks his foot and misses 3 weeks. this is not the shit we need from brook and it's caused us a 4 game losing streak. we could very well be out of the playoffs if he misses another week. Nets were up 11-2. andray blatche gets a 3 second call, then bucks make free throw and a 3 pointer right after that. that stupidity by blatche was when the bucks made their comeback. count to 3 in your ****ing head and move out! 11-8. four game losing streak.
we need that piece of paper back asap and we need to pray he doesn't miss anymore games this year. i'm frustrated beyond to no extent right now.

I feel your pain man, look at my new 'location' and you see what I mean.
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