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Default Re: Bucks @ Nets 6pm EST

Avery baffles me. Reggie Evans ,as good as he has played in his role is in his role for a reason. He can't start, he can't be a 30-35 minute type guy. Teams are going to stop covering him. Unless he is cutting to the hoop, he's not a good offensive player. Humphries played better with the starters because he gave them spacing. But Avery flips them.

And the Nets shoot too many threes. Coming from a Knick fan yes there is irony there, but the Knicks are 1st in attempts, third in makes. The Nets are 11th in attempts, 24th in makes. (this might be a day or too old info but you get the point)

BTW, various people saying Lopez iffy for Tuesday, is that true?
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