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Default Re: 15 Games You All Will Probably Get (in 2013)

Blacklist - Looks absolutely bad ass, and how many Splinter Cell games sucked? If you don't like stealth games, that's fine...but gamers who love these type of games, are big fans of the Splinter Cell series and Blacklist looks like it will murk all the previous installments.

I'm a huge Splinter Cell fan, and I can tell you that most SC fans feel that the series basically peaked with Chaos Theory. I found it super annoying when they made the series more about Sam Fisher and his sob story than the missions at hand in Double Agent and Conviction, not to mention the stupid sonar goggles that don't make any sense whatsoever.

I mean I'll still buy Blacklist like a sucker, but I just had to have a rant about how Ubisoft ruined a great franchise for the hardcore SC fans.
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