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Default Re: Bucks @ Nets 6pm EST

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
Yes, Lopez will be out against the Knicks. He hasn't had a contact practice yet and tomorrow is his only chance of doing so and Avery said he is doubtful that will happen. I am honestly growing sick and tired of that soft ass fragile excuse for a center. One little ankle tweak and he's sidelined for 3weeks?!
11-4, a franchise best now we drop 4 straight and aside from the Bucks game the Nets played pretty solid without him. We can't have him miss 3 weeks during the start of the season when the Nets are trying to build chemistry and define roles. Blatche averaging 19/11 as a starter but he sucks at defense. The Nets should not be a team that drops 5 in a row but unfortunately we will against the Knicks this Tuesday.

Well yeah, Blatche has horrible defense, but thats what we get for what we pay for. If hes capable of defend shots with this level of offensive talent, we aint getting him anyway. Actually the Nets second unit has players like Blatche and Marshon Brooks who lack defense, it may not be a bad idea to play them early in the 2nd and 4th to run the offense and build some momentum.
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