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Default Re: Which Continent Has The Best Food

Originally Posted by LockoutOver11
South American... because of Peru

the most diverse cuisine ever.

Pasta, Fish, Meat. Vegetables, Potatoes, Soups, shits I can't even explain....

second Europe because of Italy.
Kinda unfair of me, but I've tried Peruvian food on two occasions and I wasn't wowed. Naturally, I'm not wowed by Mexican food found here on the states either (and I'm from L.A.). A Peruvian co-worker recommended a restaurant which she said was good, and it was just okay. I have heard good things about Peruvian cuisine's diversity, I'll have to investigate more, perhaps visit Peru to taste authentic Peruvian cuisine.

On that note, I've tried various French plates (don't ask me any names). I tried a few here in L.A. but wasn't really impressed (actually disappointed) considering how highly French cuisine is usually hailed (it is usually hailed as THE best in the world). I went to Old Quebec in my honeymoon, I figured they'd have something closer to authentic French food (or as authentic as one can get) and while good, still not worth the hype. I'm sure the technical skills and complexity is crazy, but at the end of the day what matter is 'taste'. I guess I need more spices and some heat. I want my taste buds to go in all directions and to be challenged, I want them to be blown up by all of the different flavors.

Instead it was just solid.

Perhaps my palette isn't refined to appreciate the texture, the technique, etc.etc. But I get blown away by other foods instantly. Was blown away by a simple Korean dish my mom brought from a downtown L.A. cart vendor. Was blown away by a simple Indian wrap I had in a small INdian restaurant located in a Byward Street market in Ottawa.
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