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Default Re: Which Continent Has The Best Food

Originally Posted by andgar923
On that note, I've tried various French plates (don't ask me any names). I tried a few here in L.A. but wasn't really impressed (actually disappointed) considering how highly French cuisine is usually hailed (it is usually hailed as THE best in the world). I went to Old Quebec in my honeymoon, I figured they'd have something closer to authentic French food (or as authentic as one can get) and while good, still not worth the hype. I'm sure the technical skills and complexity is crazy, but at the end of the day what matter is 'taste'. I guess I need more spices and some heat. I want my taste buds to go in all directions and to be challenged, I want them to be blown up by all of the different flavors.

I honestly can't give high enough praise for French food. I don't know what you had or who was cooking it, but when you get that one dish that is perfect you will see. One of my parents friends is Austrian but he is a French trained chef, and my god, the food he makes is out of this world. I've told my parents "whenever he invites you over for dinner you are taking me with you." When I was in Paris it was much the same, I think part of the reason the quality is so good is because of the level of competition in the city (but that isn't just for French food, the best Italian I've ever had was also in Paris). But like any other food isn't immune to being cooked poorly.

Off the top of my head I would have to say I haven't encountered any spicy dishes and I will give you that (and sometimes you just need that kick). But overall quality French food trumps everything for me.
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