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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Glad to see Illinois staying on their roll. Things falling into place this year....finally. Maybe it was just Bruce. lol

Big 10 is crazy. Not used to seeing 5 teams that many think are better or at least equal to MSU (we will see come conference season though, right?). It should only help the teams in the long run, but am not looking forward to the loss total by season's end. lol

Turnovers and not letting teams shoot threes like in the Miami game will be key. Also, Nix and Payne gotta man the **** up. I love Appling, Harris and Dawson. Trice and Valentine are decent backups as well. But if Nix/Payne aren't gonna put up more than 10 points (at best) each game then they gotta start averaging 10+ rpg or something. Own the offensive boards even more than they do. I'd love there to be a good post scorer, but if the perimeter players can handle that for the most part, then hopefully the bigs can focus on not looking like lost girls out there at times.
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