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Default Re: Do some people really think Larry Bird couldn't dominate like he did, in this era?

Originally Posted by BoutPractice
I don't get the Dirk comparison.

Dirk is much taller and a more accurate shooter, which makes him a more dangerous overall scorer.
Bird is decisively better in most of the other aspects of the game. He's an all-around player.

They're different enough that you can't infer from one's dominance in this era that the other would succeed as well.

I do think Larry Bird would absolutely kick ass in this era, but it has nothing to do with Dirk. Just with the fact that he's Larry Bird.

We don't know that or we can't prove it because we don't really have the stats to back it up. With Dirk, we do. Now we basically can look to see how well he shot anywhere on the floor for almost his entire career.

We do know that Bird posted up more in his career though. And since Bird had a higher FG% normally than Dirk, I think it's more likely he was either a better finisher or took better shots. Not to mention Bird usually shoot more than Dirk, and still had a better FG%. If you watch the games, it was a mixture of both. Around the 10-15 ft range, Bird was a killer with the post fadeaways.

If you look at Dirk's stats though, he is a killer almost everywhere on the floor. He isn't as good in the 3-9ft though.

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