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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

Originally Posted by bokes15
Honestly, that just looked like a case of AJ being pissed off that we were losing again. I LOVE that. Get mad Amir. Jack said that 3 guys who give it night in and night out Amir, Demar, and Ed Davis. I completely agree with that. You never get a lack of effort out of those guys (despite dumb BC saying Ed Davis doesn't give it every night). I wonder if he gets a suspension for throwing his mouth guard at him?

That was pretty awesome. Amir needed that. He'll probably just get a fine though, if S.Jax only gets a fine for threatening Ibaka then Amir shouldn't be suspended. Plus he already got thrown out of the game.

What happened to Kyle Lowry? He's been playing terrible.
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