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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

Originally Posted by dunksby
Nobody cared/knew about this made up record till recently when the media suddenly went all nuts about it. Fact of the matter is when Muller did this he was not thinking, hey I want to score 85 goals in the calendar year of 1972 or such shit since the calendar year is meaningless in football. Messi on the other hand was on a mission to break this record like it is some kinda milestone that has always been there.
PS: Messi scored 5 against Espanyol so what? He took shitload of penalties with that record on his mind which makes the whole thing plus the ridiculous media coverage about it cheap and low.
Thats because no one came even close to it

And Messi maybe cared about the record the last few weeks when he realized he was close, so yeah why not break it... his goal this year obviously wasnt to break a freaking scoring record... it was to win CL and La Liga... but he failed at both.. he said himself titles are more important for him than records and balon d'ors

And what should he do? Miss all the penalties? Not take them because some haters think it hurts his case? I mean what the hell is wrong with some people?!
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