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Default Re: Findings upheld, discipline vacted.

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
He handed out massive suspensions to players and they were all revoked. "You're guilty but we're not punishing you" is meaningless, a way for Tagliabue to try and act like he agreed with Goodell while letting the players off. The reality is obvious.

I was expecting Tagliabue to make some kind of punishment as he's really an NFL guy, being the last commissioner. Him removing all penalty is a statement that Goodell went way too far and leaves us to question if there was anything valid here whatsoever.
Or he thinks the players had no choice in their actions like he said in his verbiage. Or he thinks there is some doubt because the coaches threw them under the bus like he pretty much said (phrased nicer). I disagree with you. What he said is what i thought and said at the time. I didn't see how you punished the coaches for making the players do this, and then the players for participating as if they had a choice.
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