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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by bladefd
I think kk is talking not of nash directly improving our defense but indirectly doing it by pumping up the rest of the team. By being a better team on the offensive end with nash, it would make the team much more comfortable than they are right now. By being more comfortable mentally and physically, it would allow them to focus much better on both ends of the floor (include defense).. so indirectly, nash would improve our defense by improving our morale as a floor general

is that what you're saying, kk? let me know if I interpreted it incorrectly ;p

If that is what he means he is just as wrong. We have no idea how the coach wants defense played as a team.....because he doesn't give a crap about defense. This is why our rotations are so embarrassingly bad, nobody knows where they are supposed to be or what style they are playing.
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