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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

For the past two weeks I was completely against the preconceived notion that "when Nash comes back, everything will be fine". I thought it was the stupidest thing to add. For example, I would ask myself "Nash has never been a defensive player, how can he possibly set things back into place?"

Then a thought came to me. One of the golden rules when we were all kids was "A good defense is a good offense". Its true.

Then I started thinking the other way. "A good offense is a good defense". That makes a lot of sense as well.

Think about some factors here with a healthy Nash:

1) If he picks up where he left off when he was with the D'Antoni coached suns, his assist to turnover ratio would be off the charts as always.

2) For every well executed play that leads to a basket, the lakers can have the time to run back on defense and man their positions.

3) Nash will create opportunities for other players, which will in turn, limit Kobe's offensive production. This is a good thing. The lakers are 1-10 this year when Kobe goes big during games. Its not to say that its bad when he scores, but when he has to try to take over games, it means something is not right with the rest of the team. If the rest of the team's offensive production increases, Kobe will have to do less. Then he can play a bit more defense, which he has been sucking in this season and last.

4) Nash is another 3 point shooter that will stretch the defense just a bit more than Duhon was able to. (By the way I believe Duhon has done a splendid job).

The times we have seen D'Antoni win was when he had a good point guard that loved his system. This happened twice with Nash and Jeremy Lin.

Indeed if Nash comes back healthy, our problems may indeed be solved.
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