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Default Re: Anyone train combat sports?

Originally Posted by hateraid
I've studied Arnis since I was 10 then took up Kenpo Karate at 18. Won State in 96. Also took discipline in Dumog and Tiger Style Kung fu. But Kenpo was where I ecxelled. I've trained with Keith Hackney
This was before the MMA craze. Traditional styles are a dying art, although I could probably still lay the boots to alot of these"MMA" artists
Never heard of Arnis, sounds interesting. I skimmed the wiki page, seems like its a mix of Judo, Karate and stick fighting. Odd thing to be into, was it something you sought out or did you just happen by it somehow and decided to stick with it?
Originally Posted by bmulls
I don't really practice, but I do own some Tapout and Affliction shirts which turn me into a BJJ ninja warrior. When I roll up at the bar with my bedazzled t-shirts all the bros know I can sprawl like a mother fcker.
Be cool bro, I don't want any trouble. I'm not suicidal enough to **** with someone with an Affliction or Tapout shirt.
Originally Posted by gigantes
great thread, topic. i did kenpo for a year or two around HS / college, then some tai-chi afterwards. about all i remember now is some blocking / kicking / punching technique and fragments of kata routines.

would love to hear some of you guys' input in the MMA thread. i'm sure you would help make the conversation a little more technical and interesting...
Those routines are the exact reason I hated Karate as a kid. Then I got yelled at for punching a kid in the face during a sparring session (one of the very few) while he was decked out in protective gear, at that point I was done with it.

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