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Default Re: Anyone train combat sports?

Been doing MMA for about 2,5 years now,with a few breaks in between, due to injuries and being really busy with work + study.

Bad stuff: Had a few trips to the hospital, with injuries to my legs and some skin infections as well.

The good stuff:
the training itself. Classes can be very mild, or very tough, depending on who gives the training and who you face during sparring. Not looking to fight matches, but I will do a grappling tournament in the short future. I grew up doing Judo as a kid, but played ball throughout my teens. I couldnt keep it up, because of being really busy and I couldnt always make it to training and games.. so I picked up MMA and did some kickboxing as well.

I like ground fighting a lot and follow extra grappling classes at another gym every now and then. Just had my first in gi BJJ class last monday and it was really heavy.. Definitely more exhausting than without gi. Maybe also because it was my first time.

Fighting is a lot of fun and it's a shame that I can't put more time into it. I train 2/3 times per week but that's about it. Other guys train 4/5 days and do multiple hours a day + do weights. I don't have that time due to being a student and working.

Sambo is great. I only know of one dude that I sparred with who did Sambo, great wrestling and clinch control on the feet. Very different than BJJ/normal grappling. unorthodox, but efficient
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