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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

'Antoni: "Yeah we worked on defense, we worked on defense for a half hour."

Are you freaking kidding me? If this was my team it would've been at least 2 hours.....I don't mean running around, it would be explaining rotations, walking through rotations, explaining strategy and philosophy, answering questions.....making sure everyone was on the same page.
I have had 2 hour practices on rebounding alone......these type practices always get the desired results. A 30 minute session is a gdamn joke!!!!!

Near the end of the game last night.....I think we were down 5 with 35 seconds left and Metta shoots a 3 from the top, as he releases it the entire team runs back on defense........this made me very angry. In that situation we should've had at least 3 guys crashing the boards to get a 2nd chance at it......we were going to have to foul anyway if he missed, and 1 guy could've done that by was really our only chance to win. Running away was 100% quit and that comes from poor coaching.....I see stuff like this all game. Our rebounding numbers look good but they are not if you know the game and see all the situational screwups and failed box-outs.

Sure, Nash will hit his shots and run the offense blah, blah, blah......but offense doesn't create defense, nor help matter what we score we give opponents easy shots, inside and outside....guys have no clue where to go because it isn't taught, they are all just winging it......we have no chance to win with this coach.....and NO at his age he will never change.
He cannot coach well enough to close out games.

As for this running offense....In my experience a running offense leads to a resting defense. Looking at the Lakers lack of getting back on defense it is clearly because they are expending too much energy on offense and the pace is too fast....guys are tired. Look at the 2nd half of games and how many times there are at least 3 guys behind the ball when it is being brought up the floor....they are resting. We need to spend less energy on the offensive end and attack at the defensive end.....that is the formula for championship basketball. If you attack on defense then guys can't get into a you see now, guys are having huge nights against us because we put no pressure on them. 'Antoni's approach has always been the wrong one.
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