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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Felton sucks. The quicker Amar'e gets back, the better. It'll stop Felton from chucking us out of games. The other night when we beat Denver, we came from behind with Felton on the bench. Let's also not forget our last 2 losses, which are pretty much all due to Felton thinking he's Jordan or something. He has no feel for the game, of when to shoot or when to pass.

I'll give credit to Ray for one thing though. He is good at the p/r -alley oop with Chandler.
You are hilarious. So the last 2 loses was because Felton wasnt good. He isnt a top PG for sure. No one is even arguing that. But loses are because of 1 player? Its laughable. You cant say he shot the Knicks out the game when other players dont play well either. It cant be a team thing when Brewer, Jr, Novak arent good and if Felton doesnt help Tyson then he isnt good.

He isnt good enough to be a number 2 player. But he tries to his detriment. But dish out the same criticisim for all the other members of the team as well. Good defensive teams can expose flaws of a team. If the Knicks dont hit 3's then its going to be a terrible night. So instead of seeing the limitations of this roster against good defensive teams its because Felton was bad? Laughable.

I am not saying Felton is great or even anything remotely anything other than about average. But its not all his fault. The Knicks team gets exposed against good defensive teams. There is no penetration or ball movement hinse no open shots.

Like I said before when you made your other post blaming him is easy but when no one else shows up who is going to shoot. When they miss they go into a shell someone has to shoot. The 2 players that are going to shoot are Felton and JR.

Its the same thing with Jr smith. He's your number 2 player. You cant suck his tit when he's making bad shots but when those bad shots doesnt go in call him trash.

Franchize and I have been saying this from jump street the roster isnt that great. But how often are they going to face good defenses? How often other teams will have the talent to shut down the Knicks ability to shoot the 3?

When Stat comes back and puts up empty points dont grab many rebounds and disappear when he's on the floor with Melo or force feed Stat. Then its going to be he sucks...

This is why I get annoyed with everyone that sucks on Kidds tit. He makes the extra pass well he isnt that great of a shooter. He doesnt really play the PG role that great he stands around the perimeter things of that nature and he doesnt force the action. He does pick off bad passes which is great.

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