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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by Rameek
I agree with you. I want Tyson to hustle more and yes I think he needs to make commitments better on defense. Who are the other rebounders on the team even off the bench? Its just Melo and Tyson. I cant kill him yet. Its early in the season.

I have to rip Stat and Melo because they suppose to be superstars. my expectations for quote unquote superstars are totally different than role players.

Sarcastic ripping into Felton ok so he played bad a few times. Its early in the season they have played a lot of games lately.

Shouldnt I be the one ripping people here instead of you all. I am the antagonist!!!!

Yea but I'm the "Resident Pit Bull".

I have no problems ripping guys when they aren't playing up to par. Melo and Amare both had lackluster seasons for the most part last year. Melo turned that around as soon as Woodson took over though. As for Chandler, you say I have to be harder on our superstars than him because he's a role player. Well that isn't what we were sold. We were sold a new "Big Three" in NYC...Remember? Chandler was supposed to be this big time defensive wizard. Instead he plays defense LIKE the Wizards lol
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