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Default Re: Week 15.... Holy Crap

Originally Posted by sunsfan1357
I've read from a couple of people on Twitter that Saban really has no leverage with Alabama in terms of leaving them for a better job in the NCAA so he has to use leaving to the NFL to put contract terms in his favor. How much do you think that's factoring into the rumors?
I'm not sure how much Saban is fueling the rumors, if at all. There are a couple of other factors at play, here.

First, I think it has more to do with Haslam than anything Saban is doing. I think the new owner wants to make a splash and, like I said, he is an SEC guy.

The other main thing are these Mike Lombardi rumors. If Lombardi were to come to Cleveland as GM, it would be a sign that Saban may be following him. The Boston Globe reported the other day that Saban has let it be known that he would only come back to the NFL if it was to be coach with Lombardi as GM. It just so happens that the Browns are reportedly interested in Lombardi as GM? Seems like our front office may be on Saban's trail.

Plus, both guys have a history in Cleveland. Back during Bill Belichick's time in Cleveland, Saban was the defensive coordinator and Lombardi was director of player personnel. There are many elements to these rumors and, unlike just out of the blue rambling in the media, this stuff does actually add up.
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