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Default Re: Findings upheld, discipline vacted.

Originally Posted by clipse026
when was the money exchanged? Where's the proof of that? Where's the proof on the field? It's all still hearsay. How dare the Saints talk tough in the locker room. The Giants talked about Kyle Williams and then delivered. As far as I'm concerned they did more than the Saints ever did.

And you're right, we did just play. And it was ugly. It almost makes up for the last 3 times we played. 49-24, 48-27, 30-7.

Your moment has passed, don't be bitter. It happens to all good teams.

And the findings were that there WAS a bounty program. If you are going to brag that the league was wrong based on the findings then you need to accept the findings which was that there WAS a bounty program. I don't know how everyone reads that there was a bounty program but the players were over punished as there was no program. That's not what it says. If we can argue over made up shit then what is the point. (like your Kyle Williams things).

The league told the Saints you can't offer money for hits, the Saints kept doing it. They were dumb. That's a you problem, not a league problem. Basically because you ignored the league you lost a season. Hooray for you repping you won here somehow
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