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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

I'm looking at our schedule and there's a 6 game home stand coming up. I know we've been perfect at home but this is by no means easy schedule:

We'll host:
Lakers - hungry for the win,Kobe always plays great at MSG
Cavaliers - our kryptonite,they always play well against us
Rockets - beat us by 30 earlier in the season
Nets - first two games were very close
Bulls - always play hard
Wolves - Love and his rebounding

I think 4-2 would be good and 5-1 would be terrific. I doubt we'll go 6-0 because we're already 8-0 at home,I doubt we'll win 14 straight at MSG. That's a hard thing to do.

Tonight we play the Lakers. As I previously stated I think the Knicks are the favorites at MSG no matter who they play against.
Even though I want us to smash the D'Antoni's Lakers I think it will be a close game. Both Melo and Kobe have been on a tear recently so we can expect a big scoring duel. If we play hard and with a desire to win I have no doubts we'll win.
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