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Default Re: Blow this thing up

At the least, I think Terry and Damp need to go. Maybe trade them for a better center, make Devin your starting PG, and start Stackhouse as your SG if you have to (though you'd better find a good backup).

But I really have no confidence in Dirk to shake this disaster off. I fear him being a shell of his former self next year. I think he needs a change of scenery at this point.

On the other hand, unless you can trade him for Garnett, I don't know how they can get anyone better unless they trade him for a number one draft pick or something.

As for the rest of the team... sorry Devean George is every bit as bad as Buckner... and worse because Avery has waaaay too much unfounded confidence in him. If he stays with the team, he'll never be an 8, he'll always get playing time he doesn't deserve. Get him OUT.

Don't resign Stack, unless in trading away Terry they're unable to get a replacement starting SG. Then they really need Stack, and after his inconsistency in the playoffs maybe his price will be a bit lower than it would have been.

Dip, Devin, and Josh Howard need to stay. If there's any future for this thing it is in them. Dirk... maybe but risky. All this talk of him muscling up in the post season or whatever is ridiculous. Dirk is what he is, and it is unfair of anyone to expect him to make those kinds of massive changes in his game. It will not happen. You saw what Dirk is. Expect nothing better... and fear something worse if his head isnt' right. is offline   Reply With Quote