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Default Re: Kevin Love Not Happy With Timberwolves

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Kevin Love seems to have a relatively solid head on his shoulders. I can't recall the last controversial thing I heard him discuss (maybe USA playing time) but there's something about the way he presents his points that makes them sound legit, logically sound, and well thought out, as opposed to being someone just popping off at the mouth. Pretty interesting thoughts from Love throughout the entire article, even if they're not all squarely on the mark.

Also, the line about Glen Taylor saying Love was not a star because he hadn't led the Wolves to the playoffs... if that line's legit, what a misguided thing for an owner to say.

What are you talking about? That completely comes across as whining. Its one thing if this wasn't the first time. Its one thing if he never whined about anything else other then the Timberwolves (had the nerve to whine about not playing time on Team USA). I can really only think of Dwight Howard as someone that has complained as much as this guy in recent past.
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