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Default Re: Kevin Love Not Happy With Timberwolves

Originally Posted by guy
What are you talking about? That completely comes across as whining. Its one thing if this wasn't the first time. Its one thing if he never whined about anything else other then the Timberwolves (had the nerve to whine about not playing time on Team USA). I can really only think of Dwight Howard as someone that has complained as much as this guy in recent past.
Well, to each their own I suppose. He seems up front and straightforward when I read some of his quotes. For instance, on Team USA, he didn't speak in code or cliche or with vague reference. Instead, he said:
“Obviously I’d like to go out there and be playing with these guys, I really feel like I can help. I know my abilities and know what I’m capable of,” Love said Monday. “You know, Coach K and I have talked about it — this isn’t 2010. I obviously played more in 2010, but I’m a completely different player now and a far better player. So we’ll wait and see what happens. I worked into my playing time in 2010, and hopefully that’ll happen here. I just need to find a way to get into a rhythm in limited minutes, which is tough.”
I see that as someone who wants something he's not getting, but I do not believe that means anything he says about it must be whining. All of that felt correct. He really did feel like he could help. He really did know his abilities. He and Coach K did talk about it. He was better than he was in 2010. And it really is tough to get into a rhythm in limited minutes. I thought it was a completely well-rounded response.

I'm okay with people voicing their opinions, positive or otherwise, as long as they're conducted in a semi-normal manner, and that's what I was getting at with Love. He wasn't pulling publicity stunts, he wasn't doing pushups in his driveway, he wasn't rocking a pair of blue blockers while conducting a brash nationally televised interview on ESPN's Up Close with Roy Firestone. He just gave a measured (albeit non-positive) response. He doesn't like the idea of his team's owner belittling his abilities just because his ever-changing team does not contribute enough to reach the playoffs. I can see where that'd rub someone the wrong way.

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