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Default Re: J.R. Smith klowning Kobe on Twitter!

Originally Posted by DStebb716
The reactions on here prove how soft as **** people are these days. Back in the day it wasn't fans you were saying this shit to, it was the media or the player themselves. Everybody's acting like JR posted a picture of Kobe's girl naked or something.

True, this small talk is nothing. But then we have ISH filling 10 pages about a little trash talk JR Smith said about the guy he's about to go up against before he gets scored on like crazy out there, lets give him a break and let him have his last words before he gets embarrased ... I mean NBA players are some of the most competitive people in the world, and you expect them to be all ladi dadi about a big game like this?.. Come on, New York vs LA. All these politically correct bitches have to understand the rules of the game JR SMith isn't small time at all either.
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