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Default Re: I'm looking for a new team!

Originally Posted by LamarOdom
Dear ISH!

It has come to my attention that Mike D'Antoni can not coach, it has hurt me deep down watching a team I love lose and get humiliated by teams they should destroy while Mike sits at the bench and shakes his head. Well it is over from this day I do not love the Lakers no more I will not support the Lakers nor this system where players are forced to play in a way that does not fit them!

From this day the 13 December I'm officially offering my allegiance to a team that can play like a team and it would be a plus if they had a winning record, suggestions will be accepted but teams that are excluded from consideration are the Lakers, Hawks and the Bucks.

I will get back to liking the Lakers the day they fire Mike D'Antoni and maybe someday I will love them again

Best regards

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