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Default Re: I'm looking for a new team!

Originally Posted by La Frescobaldi
I was a Laker fan, the biggest that ever was. I was a Laker fan from the time I moved out to California from PA in the late 60s caravan of dreams.... and when I got there I discovered the Sixers had traded Wilt to the Lakers.

I went through the Elgin Baylor debacles and yeah he was great but the worst kind of choker you ever did see... then the Lakers finally got rid of his deadwood @ss and promptly reeled off 33 victories in a row & won a ring... heartbreak when Kareem showed up but couldn't win rings or even playoffs some years.... Magic & Riley & Showtime years....... through the lousy 90s and the redemption of the Shaqobe days.... watched carefully how people ignored or belittled one of the truest leaders the NBA has ever seen, namely Derek Fisher.... I wasn't ever all that happy with Pau Gasol but it's hard to argue with championships.

Ups and downs I stayed with my team. 40 years and more.

All the way until Bynum and Odom destroyed my ancient allegiance by beating up on little JJ Barea in the playoffs. Right in front of Phil Jackson in his last rodeo. The sportsmanship they showed in those playoffs was so bad that all love for my team, every last drop, died right then and there.

My entire world collapsed around me. Life as I knew it had ended. Desperate for some connection to a world gone crazy...

I had followed hoops since we sat in the Spectrum in Philly (edit i must be getting old but can't forget the old convention hall either!!) and watched the Sixers just destroy Russell's Celtics. Now I was just........ drifting aimlessly in a fog. Finally it got so bad that I joined a internet basketball bulletin board

Slowly, I was able to recover a little balance, and I realized that in a way..... I was free. I could choose to be any kind of fan I wanted.
I could be a LeBronstan - well, no, I couldn't do that. But I could just watch coaches, or be a fan of teams that play iso ball or - anything I wanted!!

So I decided I would find the best unknown Center in the League and be a fan of his team. And it was like the waters parted because who should arrive on the scene almost instantly but Nicola Pekovic.

Now I'm waiting for Rubio to return, watching people fling mud at our star Forward, laughing while we utterly destroy keys across America and fully expecting playoff victories within the next 2 years if the evil Kahn doesn't wreck everything first!!

So that's how I got divorced and became a fan of a new team.

And you can do it too
you need to post more often brother
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