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Default Re: I'm looking for a new team!

Originally Posted by Mr. Jabbar
thats not even an excuse. You just take it and when your team starts doing well you go on a posting/xtassy rampage ala clippersfan and take over an internet board.


Well poor decisions and blatant mismanagement are 2 different things. There were rumors Sterling never cared about winning as long as his team made a profit. He was said to not mind drafing in the lottery every year because the contracts were much cheaper than what hed have to pay for signing a veteran.
He had a low cost business model, keep expenses as cheap as possible to maximize profit. 30 years of a guy like Sterling could make me hate a team.

But how could a Laker fan jump ship? The most decorated franchise in basketball history. If you guys didnt win another title for 30 years the Laker pedigree could still stand head to head with any franchise
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