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Default Re: I'm looking for a new team!

Originally Posted by LamarOdom
Dear ISH!

It has come to my attention that Mike D'Antoni can not coach, it has hurt me deep down watching a team I love lose and get humiliated by teams they should destroy while Mike sits at the bench and shakes his head. Well it is over from this day I do not love the Lakers no more I will not support the Lakers nor this system where players are forced to play in a way that does not fit them!

From this day the 13 December I'm officially offering my allegiance to a team that can play like a team and it would be a plus if they had a winning record, suggestions will be accepted but teams that are excluded from consideration are the Lakers, Hawks and the Bucks.

I will get back to liking the Lakers the day they fire Mike D'Antoni and maybe someday I will love them again

Best regards


You're allowed to leave, the true fans don't like closet bandwagoners who only come out when the chips are down.

So please,

Choose the red team:

or the blue:
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