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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
Melo's injury ruined the game for me. I just can't be as happy as I should while worrying on will Melo be ok.

Ankle sprains are often minor injuries but they can get bad. Last year Stephen Curry missed a ton of games because of it.
And knowing the Knicks medical staff I'm certainly worried.

Novak finally hit some threes,J.R. was huge for us,Kidd's defense on Kobe was great for most of the game and Sheed also played solid.

Felton went into hero mode once again,Tyson sucked for most of the game. He did made some huge plays at the end though.

Melo was Melo. Just amazing. 30 points on 10-15 shooting. He would have gone for 40+ if he didn't get injured.


Probably 50 or 60 lol He had like 21 in the first quarter lol I don't know if that was directed toward the fact that he's a close friend of Kobe's and has said he loves competing against him or that was a giant F U to Mike D'Antoni. We've all seen Melo go off plenty of times but last night seemed personal. He was pissed when Woodson took him out in the 1st quarter. Mind you, this is against World Peace, who's still a very good defender.

As for Felton, I didn't thnk he played that bad. He missed shot but a lot of those shots were quality shots. If D'Antoni is going to be dumb and keep switching all ngiht and have Dwight on you, take advantage. Besides, he pretty much contributed to 70% of Chandler's points.

I don't like how we losed that game. It was obviously partly because Melo got hurt but that's a concern or me. If you lose a 20 point lead because one guy went out, then your bench needs help. Luckily, Mike D'Antoni is an idiot and his teams play no defense because we couldnt stp them at all coming down the stretch.

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