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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Even though I wasn't comfortable with Lakers coming back and Kobe getting hot I actually never thought we were in danger of letting that game slip away.
Call me crazy but I actually like what the Knicks have done in the 4th quarter. Slow the game down,play long possessions,don't turn the ball over and don't let them get easy buckets.
It's tough to make a big run when the pace is so slow. Even when Lakers made a few consecutive buckets J.R. responded with a three and that sealed the game for us.

Felton shot too much but it wasn't a really bad strategy. Did anyone notice how J.R. was on the verge of losing the ball every time he had it in his hands ? He actually lost it once and it led to a 3 point play by World Peace.

That's why I liked that we went to Felton. He doesn't turn the ball over,he creates mismatches (Dwight guarded him) and even if he misses that leaves someone small guarding Tyson Chandler which allows Tyson to tip the ball back for a new possession which happened multiple times over the last few minutes.

It worked last night but only because we were up big. In a close game I like going into screen and rolls but I don't want Felton to shoot it every time. Pass it to Tyson or kick it out to our shooters.
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