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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Rondo's jumpshot and Felton's jumpshot are on two TOTALLY different wavelengths. Felton is a WAY better shooter than Rondo. I don't even know why Rondo was brought up.

As for the Knicks taking advantage of the switching, the problem is, we don't get to play Mike D'Antoni every night lol

Really? You think so? Because the stats don't back that up at all. At least not this year.

From midrange Rondo is shooting 54%, and Felton is shooting 39%. In the paint Rondo is shooting 43%, and Felton is shooting a mind boggling 28%. In the restricted area Rondo is shooting 61%, and Felton is shooting 46%.

They are both shooting 33% from the corner 3. The only spot Felton is beating Rondo is above the break, where it's 41% to Rondo's 23%.

Rondo stats

Felton stats

Oh on top of all that, Felton has a higher usage rate than Rondo which means he is holding onto the ball WAAAAAAY too much. Basically all my complaints are visible in the stats. He's a blackhole, with little court vision, and a chucker.

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