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Default Re: Rob Parker illustrating what lines a journalist should not cross (re: RG3)

I'm not sure about this one. I was surprised when I heard Rob was suspended indefinitely over the cornball comment. I understand it is racist comment, and I also understand what RG3 was saying - he wants to be judged not as a black qb but as a football player. And the whole 'white fiancee' and 'republican' part as evidence for why RG3 has betrayed blacks was stupid.

There is also the aspect of free speech and others from espn have made similar comments.

Remember Jalen Rose? He said on First Take that blacks who attend white colleges are uncle toms (he was referring to Duke). it was during the week when the 30for30 Fab 5 documentary was shown on ESPN. Stephen A Smith was in another city and I distinctly remember he and rose had a huge argument on first take over it. Rose went really aggressive and shut stephen a smith up by speaking over him. Stephen A was trying to yell over Rose, but Rose wouldn't let him speak. Rose didn't get fired after that. If Rob Parker really wanted, he could use that against ESPN in a lawsuit over freedom of speech and how racism was attached to him getting suspended.

Trust me, Rob Parker can take it to court. Of course, it probably wouldn't matter. One guy suing ESPN/disney? lmao, they will thrown Parker $10 mill under the table to shut up. $10 mill is pennies to the top 5 largest megacorporations in USA

Why would they even ask the question? Did they really think it wouldn't get to this? The question was personal, the responses would have been personal too

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