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Default Re: When will it become obvious to EVERYONE...

Nope, not Montana. I'd go with Marino. He obviously has the stats, but also the Dolphins only had 1 losing season with him and he did it without having much of a defense nor much of a running game in most of those seasons.

What is the hypothetical game? Who else is on the team and who is it against? If it's unknowns, then can't really go with Montana. I'd rather go with someone who wasn't surrounded by talent and a topnotch coach when he played. Montana had a top 10 defense in 8 of the 10 seasons he started most of the games for the Niners ('81-'90) and also had a top 10 rushing game in 7 of those 10 years. Granted it was a strike-shortened year, the Niners went 3-6 in the one season where they didn't have a top 10 defense nor a top 10 rushing game.
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