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Default Re: When will it become obvious to EVERYONE...

How did you get that is my criteria from that? Being able to put up numbers, winning, clutchness, performing under pressure, intelligence (football IQ or whatever you want to call it), great decision maker, accurate, great leadership abilities, etc... Yes, I know, Montana fills those, but there's more people than just Montana, and I feel that some others might be a better choice IMO. I don't think I've ever tried to rank a top 10. I always thought there was about 5 guys who are pretty much interchangeable for the top 5.

I don't remember saying Montana was far less talented. I'm saying if I have to pick a QB to lead a bunch of unknowns, then I'd go more for the guys who have basically done that and not someone who played on stacked teams with an all-time great coach. I want someone who's proven without being surrounded by great talent all the time.

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