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Default Re: Washington Wizards. Worse FO of All Time

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
One of the 3-4 (and I only say 4 because I always hold out for Ginobili) CURRENT best SG's in the league is gonna come along every year?

Guys like him don't ever come out. His quality, as well as his game.

It's the sort of no move that kills a franchise. They suck. Guy is a beast. Washington would be a 2nd round team by the time Wall gets a contract.

Agree to disagree. Got to remember Harden is in his 4th year, so the jury should still be out on Beal. In such a guard heavy league, I do think we're going to see plenty of them in every draft. I'm not saying he's not badass - obviously he is - but I don't think he's that rare of a commodity. Personally, I think once Okafor is off the books (or perhaps use his expiring contract next season) they should look for a franchise big.
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